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Precise Realty is an agency specialising in the field of property management within Perth’s northern suburbs.

It can be a complex and fraught business owning an investment property and being a landlord. Precise Realty takes pride in providing a level of service to the highest standard, which is often overlooked in this industry – such as selecting the best quality tenants, achieving the highest market rental, ensuring that properties are maintained in excellent condition and providing prompt personal service at all times.

Managing a residential property is a truly specialised field and Precise Realty are unique in their expertise of the services which they provide.

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Why choose us?

As residential property management specialists, Precise Realty offers property owners and tenants the highest standard of service in the industry.  Precise Realty helps property owners get the most out of their investment property and provide tenants with a reliable, responsive service.

We ensure that your investment property is treated with the respect it deserves as a valuable capital asset. Managing properties of all sizes across the northern Perth suburbs and extending through the metropolitan centre, Precise Realty is able to secure the most suitable tenant on the most appropriate lease terms and ensure maximum rental returns.

We ensure that your property is managed by someone who knows what they are doing, who knows all the legal guidelines and who knows how to provide you and your investment with the personal attention it deserves.


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